Feathers Sofa Legs - Set of 4

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Color: Grey Wood

Feathers Sofa Legs - Set of 4

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Low to High Customization

Elevate your living area to reflect your personal style and comfort preferences. Our Feathers Collection offers sofas with elegantly designed 2-inch standard legs for a refined, low-profile appearance. For those desiring a more elevated presence, we offer a seamless upgrade to 6-inch legs available in a diverse array of colors and designs. Make your space truly yours with this customizable touch.

No Tools Required

Elevate the elegance of your Feathers Sofa effortlessly - not tools required. Simply attach the 6" couch legs with a simple twist to lock them in place, and voila, your sofa transformation is complete. Ideal for refreshing your space with ease and sophistication.

Revamp Your Feathers Sofa

Enhance and uplift your lounging experience effortlessly with the elegantly designed replacement legs for your Feathers Sofa. Elevating your sofa by 6 inches, these legs discourage slouching and provide unparalleled support.

6-Inch Leg Upgrades

The Feathers 6" Sofa Legs don't just offer an aesthetic upgrade to your living space; they also lift your sofa to a convenient height, making cleaning underneath a breeze. Transform your living area with this chic and practical addition, promising both style and functionality.

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