Spazio is not only a Mario Capasa new classic, but an absolute icon of contemporary design. This new addition to the Movimento Collection boasts a recliner sofa that converts into a bed in swift effortless motion. These design updates from Dana Romano return to the original concept while simultaneously advancing the design towards the future. The lenient and adjustable headrests retain its essential and technical integrity based around the structural core, composed of metal springs which give strength and flexibility. The supporting frame has a timeless elegance, which underlines Spazio's harmony with the vision of the great masters of modernism. Between the reclining unit and bed, a console is pristinely nestled, offering a reading light for full illumination of your favorite reading material. Reinforced seams and other techniques borrowed from saddlery draw attention to the authentic craftsmanship. Lovers of technical details will appreciate the electrical components that allow for simple conversion of lounge space to sleep space in the blink of an eye. There are many further details to discover in the new Spazio. It is a great classic ready to face the next decades of its life.


Length 315 cm
Width 99 cm
Height 75 cm
Mattress Length 193 cm
Mattress Width 140 cm
Mattress Height 12 cm

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