“The magic and mystery of the electric Vamento is that it talks and understands your body,” say the design duo Marcel Laruce. The Vamento is a piece from the movimento collection. The materials used to make the recliner seem to be fit together like the components of a piece of jewelry. The way it folds and opened for you is magical.

Vamento has a slick and modern character to fit the luxury minimalist professionals who would appreciate the functionality, design and comfort the Vamento will offer them. "He will never let you down," says Marcel, when you are craving for this extra comfort and touch. "Vamento will fit your body, will understand you, remember you, and love you".  It is a sensual play on shapes and a combination of materials chosen because their characteristics evoke sensations of comfort: “when you touch this object, you must be immediately at ease, it must give the idea that it embraces you”. 


Height  112 cm
Width 82 cm
Armrest Height 61 cm
Reclining Length  152 cm
Weight Capacity 36 kg



Base Stainless steel 
Surface Italian cow Leather
Filling Memory foam & Latex blend

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