A table is not always just a table; sometimes it is more: for example, a table “with a view.” Almost hypnotic. How did it start? I crossed three profiled elements at right angles - as is often done in architecture - and I connected them in sequence, each with a strong bolt. Aside from wood, the material I have used up to now in creating my tables, this time, I wanted to test myself with its opposite: iron.

Bolt e is like a “cheval-de-frise” frame, basic and “essential,” which aspires to stardom on a circular surface of thick glass, transparent and rounded along its circumference with unusual 360 degree finishing.

Tables have always been my great passion: central furnishings of our daily lives, but also of our work, as well as the site of convivial, administrative, political, ritual and symbolic occasions. Now, after so many attempts from the time of my first creation, which, in 1961-62 also coincided with my first recognition (a Golden Compass), I am still excited about the birth of another of my tables.”

Each Table is tastefully handmade. please allow 6-8 weeks to craft your table.

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